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The World of Other's
MOCA Shanghai, China
June 24 - July 24, 2008
Press Release

MoCA Shanghai proudly announces The World of Others an exhibition featuring 23 artists currently living or creating works in Shanghai and whose artworks showcase a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, mixed materials, photography, video and installation.
The participating artists differ in their artistic approach making it impossible to generalize in terms of a movement, group or school of style. Nevertheless, through insightful observation, one is able to discover a similarity. Each is concerned with the international dynamics of his or her artistic field while remaining realistic to their individual talent. Thus the artistic approach adopts an outward expansion while focusing on individual expression. They ceaselessly seek to link and balance the artistic curiosity in themselves yet maintain an international appreciation of quality. In one sense, this might be the local characteristic applicable to contemporary art in Shanghai.
What is the role of contemporary art as a key form of culture in Shanghai? How and where does is place itself both nationally and internationally? What is its contribution and value for the construction of both contemporary culture and art in China today? These questions were at the forefront of Jiang Mei's curatorial discourse in The World of Other's: A Contemporary Art Exhibition.
 "The others" in The World of Othersrefers to objects rather then subjects. They are the "others" existing outside of one's sense of self. Observed from the deeper perspective, however, "others" could also be interpreted as in fact the "self" or projection of self. Historically humans progress steadily when continuously examining and reflecting on themselves. Art is much similar in this regard. The theme of humanism, which has long existed in contemporary art in Shanghai, is revealed by this group of artists who attach great importance and concern for the development of China's contemporary art. At the same time, visitors experience, observe, and recognize not only themselves but also others, and realize a true perception of the world through the subjects depicted in artworks.
Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai Director, Samuel Kung says, "In the face of globalization the distance between individuals is diminishing. People are becoming more concerned with notions of greater humanity and less focused on self-preservation. At a time when the whole of China unties together in strength for the development of this nation, it is our honor to bring The World of Other'sto a local and international audience. Through the reflection of "self" and "other" in our daily lives,we are able to appreciate the spiritual and vibrancy of life in addition to the power of humanity, allowing one's life to become more enriched through the experience of others."
Jiang Mei
Bird Head,Hu Jieming,Liang Weizhou,Liang Yue,Liu Dahong,Liu Jianhua,Liu Manwen,Lu Chunsheng,Ma Liang,Ni Jun,Qu Guangci,Shi Yong,Wu Yiming,Xiang Jing,Xiang Liqing,Xu Zhen,Xue Song,YAN PEI-MING, Yang Fudong, Yang Jianping,Yang Zhenzhong,Zhang Enli,Zhou Tiehai