Virtual Wedding - 虚拟婚礼 2015
Cooperating artist - Chang Wei 合作艺术家:常炜

"虚拟婚礼" - 一名铁路华工和一位加拿大原住民墨提斯族女士的婚礼
鉄路建设完工后,部份華工被加拿大太平洋鉄路公司遺棄於鉄路沿途. 沒有交通工具離開山區。
幸运的会被当地原住民收留, 有些更会与部族婦女結婚, 成為部族的一份子。

Virtual wedding of a Chinese railway worker and an indigenous Métis woman.
The Canadian Pacific Railway abandoned some of the Chinese workers along the tracks after completion of the railway.
Without transportation to leave the Rockies, some died of starvation, some did not survive in the cold Canadian weather and some
were killed by wild animals. A few fortunate ones were rescued by the indigenous people and some were married into the community.