David Cheung (Zhang Zhuoliang 张卓良)

contact: aocaamw@yahoo.com

Education: (ABSS-AB)

September 1979-April 1982
Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Area of study: painting, drawing, video, film & photography
Graduated with AOCA in Experimental Art

September 1980-April 1982
Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Graduated with Certificate in Business Administration

(Ryerson program was taken in conjunction with OCA courses as part of an ongoing, and still ongoing
conceptual art project entitled 'ABSS',1980- ; completed 6 years of college programs in 3 years.)

July 1982-December 1982
Resided briefly at Los Angeles, USA
Admitted to Master of Fine Arts Program at California State University of Los Angeles. Due to
sentimental, personal reasons, did not enroll to the university, returned to Toronto, Canada

One & Two Persons Exhibitions: (ABSS-A)

1981 April, Stewart Building & College Street, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Installation Performance, Ink & Wash-Fly

1981 October, Gallery 76, Toronto

1984 September, The Isaacs Gallery, Toronto

1994 February, Connoisseur Art Gallery, Toronto, Forests, Woods, Trees, Woodland

1998 February, City of Saint John, New Brunswick, Flag Day, O Canada! Project

1998 April, The Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Interactive arts, O Canada! Project

1998 April, The Hudson Bay Store, Yonge & Bay, Toronto, Earth Week, Art with recycled materials.

1998 July, City of Saint John, New Brunswick
and venues in other regions, Canada,
O Canada! Project, Canada Day Celebration

1998 October, Fluxus Hawaii, Artist of the Month

1998 December, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Fourth Dimension

1999 May, Juten Gallery, Toronto, ABSS 1980-Continued, Paint

1999 May, Contemporary Art Online, Front Page Guest Artist

1999 June, AArising, Featured Artist

2000 June, EMW - An Interactive Conceptual Installation - Community Arts Biennale-CAB 2000, Toronto.

2002 April, Highland Junior High School, Toronto, Arti-Smoking, Educational Installation of 3,000,001 images entitled:I would have died 3,000,001 times in 1993 alone if I did not quit smoking. Part of Education Week for the Vanier & Jackson school districts of the Toronto District School Board

2002 September, Circa Gallery, Toronto, Arti-Smoking Fundraiser, 4,000,001-2002

2003 February, Teen Tobacco Summit, City of Hamilton, Public Health Hamilton, (with Heart & Stroke Foundation, Lung Association, Cancer Society, Public & Catholic School Boards, &, etc.)

2005 June, Calling, Deleon White Gallery, Toronto, Curated by Jooyeon June Rhee

2009 April, David Cheung, New Work - Willow Dark, Flower Bright, Another Village, Energy Gallery, Toronto.

2009 October, Sudavillage - Beijing, Su Yuen & Zhang JuLaing (David Cheung), A Art Gallery, Beijing.

2010 April, And A Village 2010 - Fusion Chinese Landscape, Energy Gallery, Toronto.

2011 September, Rocky Railway High (Closure), Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto

2012 August, David Cheung Retrospective, Rocky Railway High (Closure), Ningbo Museum of Art, NIngbo, China

2015 August, "Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung, White Box Art Center, 798 Art District, Beijing - curated by Zhang Haitao

2015 September, Recent Paintings, White Box Art Center - Director's Galleries - by invitation only, Beijing

Group Exhibitions & Activities:

1979 November, St. Lawrence Centre, Toronto

1980 April, OCA Open House, Toronto

1980 May , Gallery 76, Toronto

1980 September, Initiated ongoing art project ABSS 1980- .

1981 April, OCA Open House, Toronto

1982 April, OCA Open House, Toronto

1982 May, Chromazone Gallery, Toronto, Spring Salon, curated by Oliver Girling

1982 September, Glendon Gallery, York University, Toronto, New Faces, Introduced by Graham Coughtry

1982 September, YYZ Gallery, Toronto, Monumenta

1983 March, Concordia University, Montreal

1984 June, Artist Resource Centre, Toronto

1986 December, College Park Gallery, Toronto

1987 Fringe Club, Hong Kong, residence roof top artist

1991 November, Arts Week, Toronto

1994 April, International Wash & Ink Arts Exhibition, Toronto & Taiwan, Republic of China

1995 September, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Toronto, Benefit Art Show

1996 April, Creative Spirit Art Centre, Toronto, Benefit Art Show

1996 September, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Toronto, Benefit Art Show

1997 May, Novotel, Toronto, Easter Seal Benefit Art Show

1997 June, Area Gallery, CARO, Toronto

1997 December, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Xmas Show

1997 December, The Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Xmas Show

1997 December 18, Keynote Speaker, Annual Conference, Architects' Association of New Brunswick, Saint John, New Brunswick

1998 January, Gallery 1313, Toronto, First Offense

1998 February, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Multiples, Members Exhibit

1998 March, The Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Enter

1998 March, The Canadian Dream Gallery, World Wide Web, www.quinte.net/dream/

1998 May , ZEN-MIX 2000, Toronto, Salon Degenerate, Asian Heritage Month

1998 May, Praxis Gallery, Toronto, Landscape-The Lasting Inspiration, Juried Exhibition

1998 June, Gallery 1313, Toronto, Happy Daze

1998 June, Beaver Hall, Toronto, 10th Anniversary Benefit Art Show

1998 June, Art for Autism, Palais Royale, Toronto, Benefit Art Show, New Haven Learning Centre for Children

1998 September, Cham Shan Buddhist Art Gallery, Toronto

1998 October, ICA Gallery, London, UK, & Artstation

1998 November, Focus Gallery, Digitally-manipulated Images,

1998 December, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, Mighty Canadian Artists, 7th Annual Christmas Fundraiser

1998 December, A Space, Toronto, a space light/lite

1999 March, Gallery T.O.R.A. , Toronto

1999 March, Dragon Source Gallery, Markham, Spring Exhibit

1999 May, Gendai Gallery, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Toronto, Illumination

1999 June, Mail Art Portraits, Netherland

1999 June, New Routines Peace Project

1999 July, International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 1999, Austria, Interactive Art

1999 July, Iceland and Canada, *NOTES TO KANATA*, 1999 International Canadian Studies Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland; the conference theme: Re-Discovering Canada; Similar challenges: Canada and the Nordic Countries.

1999 August, Intranet, Tarragona and Barcelona (Spain), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Montevideo (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Freedom in the Fine Arts Teaching. Reinstatement of Humberto Nilo (The influence of totalitarian regimes in culture).

1999 September, World Art Centre, Seoul, Korea, International Fine Art Culture Exchange.

1999 December, Red Head Gallery, Toronto,8th Mighty Canadian Artist X'mas Fund Raising

1999 December, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Loot Bag

1999 December, A Space Gallery, Toronto, Art By Design

2000 January, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto, R e d r oSpective

2000 February, Galerie D'Art Contemporain Du College Jacques Cartier, Chauny, France, Exhibition 1/2000

2000 March, Praxis Gallery, Toronto

2000 June, Juten Gallery, Artists' Choice, Annual Group Show

2000 June, OCAD OUTREACH GALLERY, Toronto, Neo-Scholar Paintings

2000 June, "De Velinx", Torgeren, Belgium, 2000/Ambiorix Project/Tongeren

2000, June, Initiated mail art project "EMW".

2000 August, A Space Gallery Summer Event, Toronto, Long Hot Summer

2000 August, Eye 2 Eye, Metro Toronto Zoo, Toronto, Part of the performance series entitled: "Yen Yeu Dong Wue" (Man/Animal), People's Republic of China. Documented images exhibited in venus is Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, PRC.

2000 October, Mai-Fung Gallery and Studio, Napanee, Ontario, Guest Artist - Lennox & Addington Studio Tour.

2000 November, North York General Hospital, Golden Gala Fund Raising Benefit Art Show, North York

2000 November, Gendai Gallery, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Toronto, Let There Be Lights, Benefit Art Show

2000, November, Art works and biography archived by The Centre for Canadian Contemporary Art

2000 December, Gallery 2, Toronto, 2nd Neo Scholars Paintings

2001 January, Mckay Art Centre, Varley Art Gallery of Markham, Markham, Transcending

2001 January, Initiated mail art project "One Language One World".

2001 March, Cliffwood Public School, Toronto, Artist Talk

2001 March, The Art Museum of Guangdong Province, Guangchau, China, Virtual Future, curated by Gu Zhenqing

2001 March, One of A Kind Spring Exhibition, Toronto,

2001 April, MaiFung Art Park Gallery, Napanee, Ontario, Abstract, Contemporary & Surrealistic Art.

2001 June, A Space Gallery, Toronto, Artist Talk

2001 July, Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Zine Scene

2001 September, Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, Open Juried Exhibition

2001 September, Hong Kong Arts Centre and venues in Shanghai, China, Man/Animal

2001 September, Maslak-McLeod Gallery, Toronto, Paintings

2001 September, International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica 2001, Austria, Interactive Art

2001 September, Why Art Project

2001 September, Autoshrines

2001 October, 911 Photo Project, New York

2001 October, A Virtual Memorial

2001 November, One of A Kind Christmas Exhibition, Toronto

2001 December, A Space Gallery, Toronto, Pearlessence

2001 December, Propeller Gallery, Toronto, Fun Art

2002 January, IS Gallery, Markham, Cotemporary Dialogue with "Xuan" Paper

2002 March, Initiated 'Arti-Smoking' and killedbysmoking.com, an anti-tobacco campaign.

2002 April, Interviewed by Dr. Gerry Coulter, Chair, Sociology & Anthropology Department, Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec for research project re: Sociology of the Arts, power of artists and new theories of art in the changes that have taken place to the art museum since 1960.

2002 May, The Petersburg Biennale of Computer Graphics, Cultural Center " Pushkinskaya 10 ", St. Petersburg, Russia

2002 June, Free Manifesta, Manisfesta 4, Frankfurt, Germany.

2002 August, 'Violens' Festival Tabor (Czech Republic),
organized by CESTA (Cultural Exchange Station in Tabor). Curated by Agricola de Cologne.

2002 September, "Power to the People", Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchner.02 , Kitchener, Ontario

2002 October, 'Let's Have a Dream!', Studio 2/Artic for United Ways, SPIN Gallery, Toronto.

2002 October, Violence Festival version 2.0, Liberarti Festival, Liverpool Biennale (UK)

2002 October, Violence Festival version 2.0, Computer Space 2002 Festival Sofia (Bulgaria)

2002 December, Gifts That Fit, A Space Gallery, Toronto

2002 December, A Show of Faith, Circa Gallery, Toronto

2003 Nominated for Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea Citt di Firenze Italia, Florence Biennale, Italy.

2003 April, Manifestation International d'art de Quebec, in collaboration with "Collective Reparation de Poesie" "Happiness & Pretence", Bibiliotheque Gabrielle-Roy, Quebec City, Quebec.

2003 April, Art of War Gallery, artists in Canada.com

2003 April, reds photo.net

2003 May, IMMA, The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Net Art Open 2003

2003 May, In Solidarity,Bella Muse, The Khyber Centre For The Arts and other venues, Halifax, Nova Scotia

2003 May, The Blair Pleads Project & The Blair Bush Disarmament Project

2003 June, Artist Action Network, Artists' Television Access, San Francisco, USA

2003 International Compendium Prix Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, contestant for Interactive Art

2003 Contestant for competition of Best Practices Competition & Awards, Community Arts Ontario, Canada

2003 July, NOTEBOOK, Pinkard Gallery, Bunting Centre, Maryland Institute College of Art, Artscape Festival, Baltimore, USA

2003 July, Interviewed by Amy Andrieux, Managing Editor of Trace Magazine, New York for upcoming book project.

2003 Opsound and Opcopy, initiated by Sal Randolph, New York, Frankfurt & Berlin

2003 August, Art vs. War, The Art Against War Collective, Gallery 101, Ottawa

2003 September ORIGINAL SOLIDARITY, Stylusart, Casa Amatller, Paseo de Gracia, Barcelona, Spain

2003 September Arts Week, Arts Toronto & Toronto Arts Council, Toronto, Spiritual Art at Michael

2003 October NIGHTWORKS, Canal Street Projection Project, New Orleans Media Experience, New Orleans, USA

2003 November, II Festival of Alternative Art, Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico

2003 November, Foxy Fundraiser, The Red Head Gallery, Toronto

2003 December, festival internacional de performance de Barcelona eBent'03 , , Centre de Cultura Contempori nia de Barcelona

2003 December, Photorama 2003, Gallery TPW, Toronto

2003 December, More Gifts That Fit, A Space Gallery, Toronto

2003 December, Xuan Party, Is Gallery, Toronto

2004 January, Spiritual Film Festival, GOA, India

2004 February, 7th ACA Media Arts Festival, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan.

2004 August, TSA Gallery, Toronto, Scarborough Show Bus.

2004 September, Call for Art Submission, Quanyin: Goddess of Mercy & Compassion - Commemorate. Arti-Smoking.

2004 October, Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus, Scarborough Show Bus.

2004 October, Gongju International Art Festival 2004, Limlip Art Museum, Gongju, South Korea.

2004 November,[R][R][F] 2004----XP,Iraq - the war & postwar period, New Media Art Project

2004 November, "Illuminations", "McMaster Museum of Art, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. Curated by Ingrid Mayrhofer.

2004 November, Echo, Collection du college Jacques Cartier - Chauny, La Maison de la Culture d'Amiens, France.

2004 December, Gifts That Fit, A Space Gallery, Toronto.

2005 January, Arti-Smoking Art Gallery, Quanyin - Commemorate.

2005 February, Tsunami Memorial, Curated by Agricola de Cologne, Java Museum, The New Media Network.

2005 June, Quanyin - Goddess of Mercy & Compassion - Commemorate, Arti-Smoking at VMAC Space, Toronto

2005 October, Featured Artist, Energy Gallery.

2005 November, Sketchy Business, A Space Gallery, Toronto.

2005 December, More Gifts That Fit, A Space Gallery, Toronto

2006 January, Freestyles 2-d, Curator, Energy Gallery

2006 April, 2 - d - 2, Curator, Energy Gallery

2006 June, Artist Talk & Guest Artist, Annual Faculty & Student Exhibit, Toronto School of Visual Art, Toronto.

2006 June, Annual Exhibit, Is Gallery, Markham.

2006 August, Propeller Turns 10, Propeller Centre For The Visual Arts, Toronto.

2006 November, Sketchy Business, A Space Gallery, Toronto

2007 April, DUREE, Spring Salon.07, Energy Gallery @ Lennox Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

2007 May, CCCA (Crntre for Contemporary Canadian Art) 10th Anniversary Auction, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

2007 August, K Gallery & Beijing Da Art Space, Unexpected Frivolity, Beijing 798 Art District, Beijing, China

2007 November, 3x3 Gallery, Across Time and Space, Beijing, China (Sponsored by Canada Council for the Arts)

2008 May, Calligraphy-ism, Exhibition & Symposium, presented by Is Gallery & Asian Heritage Month, Cedar Ridge Creative Centre, Scarborough, Toronto.

2008 October, World Open Art Festival, WOAF, Art Museum of Seoul, South Korea

2008 December, Go Yang Exhibition, Go Yang City, South Korea.

2009 February, Energy Gallery, Winter Energy @ Lennox Contemporary, Toronto, "Winter Branches".

2009 October, 6th Gonju International Art Festival, Limlip Art Museum, Gonju, South Korea.

2009 October, nuit blanche - Insomnia, Red Head Gallery, Toronto.

2009 November, Tungbei Contemporary, Curated by Gu Zhenqing, Visual Space, 798 Art District, Beijing

2010 January, Spiritual Enlightened - International Film Festival, Link TV & culture unplugged.com, New York/Tokyo

2010 February, Ink & wash contemporary exhibition/forum, IS Gallery, Markham, Canada

2010 September, Lighting the Future – A Light Media Exhibition (Curators: Gu Zhenqing & Harrod Schmidt) – White Box Museum –    798 Art Festival – Beijing.

2010 November, Anarchy x Harlem Pop, Curated by Amy Andrieux for Harlem Pop, New York.

2010 December, Gallery Artists, Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto

2011 May, Eco-Healing International Installation Art Festival, Daejeon, South Korea

2011 August, Propeller Gallery, 15 Year Anniversary, Toronto

2011 October, Insomnia 2011, Red Head Gallery, Nuit Blanche

2011 November, Art Brownie Show, IndexG Gallery, Toronto

2012 April, Rocky Railway High (Closure), Toronto Art Expo, Toronto

2012 October, Insomnia 2012, Red Head Gallery, Nuit Blanche, Toronto

2013 April, Different Strokes, Canadian Fine Arts, Toronto

2013 April, 100x100=900 (100 Video Artists to Tell a Century) - Richland College, Dallas, Texas; Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome, Italy;
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia; 

2013 May, 100x100=900 (100 Video Artists to Tell a Century) - EAST Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran; JAAGA, Bangalore, India; Espacio AVart, Bangalore, India

2013 May, Asian Heritage Month, Metro Hall, Toronto

2013 June, Summer Colour, Canadian Fine Arts, Toronto

2013, October, 10th Gonju International Art Festival, Limlip Art Museum, Gonju, South Korea.

2013, November, video screening & forum, Li Xinting's Film Fund, Songzhuang, Beijing

2013, December, video screening, Inter Art Center, 798 Art District, Beijing

2014, April, Seminar on Interactive Art, New Media Art Department, BIFT, Beijing

2014, April, RRH art submission event, BIFT (Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology)

2014, June, Summer Color, Canadian Fine Arts, Toronto

2014 September, Launched "-599" Project (Campaign for reduction of addictive ingridients in Cigarettes), co-curator: Dudley Cheung

2015 July, Conducted Seminar - New Media Art and Public Art Projects, BIFT University, Beijing

2015 June - September, Past Stories, Present Sense - Harbourfront Centre, Toronto - Curated by Astrid Ho and Suzanne Morrissette

2015 September , OPEN Beijing International Performance Art Festival,Beijing 798 Art Festival, Space Station, Beijing

2015 October, Conducted Seminar - Interactive Installation and Social Art Project,Faculty of Art & Deisign, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangzhou

2015 November, Conducted Seminar - Interactive Social Art Projects, Canadian International School of Beijing

2016 March, Propeller 20th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition, Propeller, Toronto

2016 April, Del's 20th Annual Art Show, Classic/Excellence Recreation Centre, Toronto

2016 May, Asian Heritage Month, Toronto City Hall, Toronto

2016 May, Asian Heritage Month, Toronto Metro Hall, Toronto

2016 May, 2016 Gwang Hwa Moon International Art Festival, Sejong Culture Museum, Seoul, Korea

2016 September, Whitebox Art & Design 100, Best Top 30, ACE Lab & White Box Art Center, 798 Art District, Beijing

2016 November, Whitebox Home & Art and Design 100, ACE LAB & White Box Art Center, 798 Art District, Beijing


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2015 Art Archives Website  艺术檔案 "Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung “受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 August 99 ART News 99 藝術  "Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung “受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 August CFLAC 中国文艺网 "Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung “受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 August 文譏网Wenxuncn.com "Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung “受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 August ART-Ba-BA"Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 August Art IFENG鳯凰藝術 Popular search

2015 August ART IFENG "Victimc" - David Cheung's Historical Public Art “受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 August Artron 雅昌藝術 "Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung “受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 August Hiart.cn Hi 藝術 "Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung “受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 August ARTSPY  艺朮眼 "Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung 受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 August China Cluture Net 中国文艺网访问 Video Interview 訪問視頻 "Victims" - A Historical Public Art Project by David Cheung “受害者”-张卓良公共实证艺术项目

2015 numerous online and off-line reviews


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Solidarity Assembly Network, September, 1998

Saint John Times Globe, September 18th, 1998

Saint John Times Globe, November 2nd, 1998

Saint John Business & Trade Journal, August, 1999

Saint John Times Globe, October, 28th, 1999

&, etc.

Awards & Achievements:

Dorothy Stevens Scholarship, Ontario College of Art, 1981

Stevenson & Sons Scholarship, Ontario College of Art, 1982

Maple Leaf Award, International Wash & Ink Arts Exhibition, The Taipei Fine Arts Museum, The Council For Cultural Planning & Development, Taiwan, Republic of China, 1994

Designed and initiated interactive art project titled O Canada! being used by the school boards in the Province of New Foundland, City of Saint John, Province of New Brunswick and other regions in Canada. Received commendations from The :

Prime Minister of Canada, Premier of Manitoba, Premier of Prince Edward Island, Premier of Newfoundland & Labrador, Premier of British Columbia, Premier of Alberta, Minister of Canadian Heritage, Minister of Culture, Heritage & Citizenship, Manitoba, Minister of Culture, Heritage & Citizenship, Newfoundland & Labrador, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick, Mayor of Toronto, &, etc. 1998

Honorable Mention Landscape-The Lasting Inspiration Juried Exhibition, Praxis Gallery, 1998

Notable Mention O Canada! Project, Canada Day Celebration Activities Contest, City of Saint John, New Brunswick, 1998

Artist of the Month, Fluxus Hawaii 1998

Canada Council Materials Grant, 2000

Art works archived by The Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art, 2000

Canada Council Travelling Grant, 2007

Immigration and Citizenship Canada - project grant under CHRP, 2010

Canada Council Travelling Grant, 2012

Professional affiliation:

Artist Member of Propeller Gallery, (Member of Selection Committee), 1997-1999
Artist Member of Red Head Gallery, (Member of Contract Committee),1997-1999
Member of Gallery 1313, 1998-1999
Member of A Space Gallery, 1998-
Artist Member of Neo-Scholar Painters, 2000-present
Member of Programming Committee, Gendai Gallery, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 2000
Board of Director, Vice President, A Space Gallery, 1999-2002
Artist Member/founder, ARTi-Smoking, 2002 - present.

Curator, Energy Gallery, 2004 - presents
Visiting Scholar, Interactive Research Artist, New Media Department, School of Art & Design,
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, BIFT, Beijing, 2014 - 2016

Artwork represented by:
White Box Art Center, 798 Art District, Beijing
CFA - Canadian Fine Arts Gallery, Toronto