David Cheung (Zhang Zhuoliang 张卓良)

David Cheung is a multimedia artist whose artwork often deals with social, political issues and involves audiences, public as active participants.

He has exhibited in Canada and Internationally at private galleries, art festivals and public museums.

In 2002, he found ARTi-Smoking, a non-profit organization that uses creative methods and art to enhance youth and public awareness about the dangers of smoking and the epidemic magnitude of tobacco-use related deaths to gather public support to campaign for a "tobacco free world".

Currently he is engaged in a project entitled Rocky Railway High (Closure), an interactive art project for the symbolic return of the Chinese railway workers who perished during construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway between 1881-1885, to their homeland Guangdong, China (an important Chinese custom at the time).

Besides using art for social projects, he also has been pursuing research in fusing Chinese classical ink and wash landscape paintings with Western oil paintings.

He is also an independent curator who has curated exhibits Internationally.



作品题材包含社会,政治,宗教等元素,常以中国文化作为创作观念,许多作品要求观众参与及互动. 曾在国际的美术馆及画廊作过多次展出及策展.


2011年的夏天,張卓良用了一個月的時間,坐火車及騎,与他兩個鉄路華工後人的兒子在華工工作過的路段收集有關華工及他們後人的料。他們把收集到的料用来作了一系列的多媒体藝術作品, 同時也收集了加拿大的学生与民眾創作的上千件有鉄路華工,人頭税及排華法的作品.