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Hyoung Seok Kim

Artist Statement                                        

My artwork focuses on the story of communication and connection between all things in the universe which have a variety of ways for completing communications. According to the theory of modern physics, these communications and connections can be dealt with, not only in terms of spiritual or psychological dimensions, but rather in the dimension of physical reality. I want to emphasize this material aspect because my thinking is based on materialism. The world has many problems which arise out of the insufficiency and discord of communication between human beings and nature. I think that these troubles can be improved by an understanding of this most fundamental connection and communication on a physical level. Nature basically made by material proceeds to rationality in this principle.

Making artworks is the most important and interesting way that I have of making contact with the world. I want my viewers to be connected naturally to my works, to me, to other viewers and finally to nature when they are appreciating my sculptures. As a result of this connection and communication, we will be participating in a natural and holistic system of the world.