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Jeff Rich

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Brief bio:

Jeff Rich resides in
Savannah, Georgia and he is currently working on “Floodplain” a study of the landscape of the rivers and creeks of Western North Carolina.
Artist’s statement:
This is work that shows the constant change that occurs within the floodplain, due mostly to man’s presence, but also because of natural causes such as floods and erosion.  Most of this work focuses on the French Broad watershed in Western North Carolina, which includes the French Broad River as well as other smaller rivers such as the Swannanoa.
The project looks at the subject from a few different angles, which I've organized into several different categories:  Paths, Homes, Industry, The Rivers, The Flood, and Recreation
The work included here is from the categories Paths, Industry, and The Flood.
These categories are somewhat loose and serve as a framework for looking at disparate issues such as stagnation, transience, and entropy.