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Randi Wagner

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Brief bio: I grew up in Yorkton Saskatchewan.  Photography, writting and painting have always been a passion of mine. I worked and traveled around Europe for 2.5 years after high school until I decided to learn more about photography. I studied Photography until recently in Melbourne Australia.  I generally direct my camera to people and try to capture honesty, purness and something real of the person who faces my camera. Currently I am looking at getting  collaberation to exhibit my latest series, Performer v.s Self both in Australia as well as Canada.

Artist's statement: Performer v.s Self is a conceptual project that I have been pursuing for the past year. It is made up of a series of images that portray two different asspects of the performer as a subject.  One perspective empasises the the passion and absorption that is projected in performance while the other shows the releif at the conclusion of the performance. The images are meant to be simple yet honest and confronting.

Titles and media of artworks: Series is entitled "Performer v.s Self" Images were taken with a 4x5 Large format camera with Polaroid Sheet Film, Type 55. All images from this series are taken in a studio

Date created: created between Sept and Nov 2006