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Margaret Chwialkowska

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Margaret Chwialkowska was born and educated in Poland. She settled in Canada in 1979. Her painting is inspired by nature, particularly the power and richness of the North American landscape. Many of her works grew out of travels to the Northwest Territories and the US. Today she works primarily in the Ottawa area, focusing on the banks of the Ottawa River and the forests of the Gatineau Hills, working to capture both its timeless grandeur and the ever-changing moods of its snow-banks, trees, and sunsets.

She is represented by Galerie du Parc in Chelsea, Quebec, Parkdale Gallery in Ottawa and is a juried member of the Foyer Gallery owned by the City of Ottawa..

Her works have been exhibited in Ottawa and Quebec and purchased by private collectors in Canada and the US.


I paint in oil, "alla prima," blending pigments together directly on the canvas using a pallet knife. This technique allows textures to evolve naturally and permits a loose, spontaneous style.

The goal of my painting is to evoke the mood of a natural setting and to capture the feeling of being overwhelmed by the natural, almost magical beauty of a landscape. I am captivated by the creative process of painting and am compelled by the spirituality that overtakes me when contemplating a landscape.

I want my art to be positive, free, beautiful, and romantic--something you cannot live without.