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Greg Thompson MD MBA

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Gerhardt Thompson, fine art nude photographer, earned an MD in Optics in 1980 at Sydney University, Australia and later earned his MBA through Harvard Business School, USA. He has been photographing for over 20 years of which the past 8 have been focused in the capacity of B&W fine art nude in the landscape. His accolades include a solo exhibit in Sydney, three International Exhibits where his work is featured and sold, 40 joint exhibits and four European based Exposes. He has been interviewed by The New Nude Magazine, MeinBerlin.de, Incubus Choice and Duclerk and his work has been also been published by each of them. He has also been published in the poetry journals The Sow's Ear Review and The Blue Fifth Review both based in the USA. He has published two books Gerhardt - The Book and The Sun Drenched Nude. He is a Judge for Photographic competitions on the photography website PhotoKonkurs. His work has won over 60 awards in both open and specific categories and over 70 acceptances/honorable mentions. Currently his photography hangs on walls around the world.