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Philip E Robinson

This work imagines the recovery of the hieroglyphic symbols of a tribal family. An iconic language handed down for generations has nearly died-out. Time comes when many assimilated groups explore their roots. idu is the name and secret language of my tribal family. This is their story.
Hieroglyphic characters of idu are transcribed into English through an encrypted alphabet system. The initial series “Ornamental Bodies” are digital prints.  Ethnic fabrics, tattoos, scarification and piercing identify skin as art. Color, gesture, pattern and calligraphic marks shape figures against solid black backgrounds. Alphabetical glyphs within figures along the side and bottom represent complete sentences. Understanding image, text and subtext requires deciphering an encryption process. Cipher blocks and roulette dexes are actually keys or Rosetta stones. They have only glyphs. Figure and text drawings have been scanned and manipulated, while glyphs, digitally composed.
These artworks will be submitted for exhibitions to galleries and art institutions.  Evolution of this hieroglyphic making process can become public art. People can create their own hieroglyphic stories hiding in plain sight. Classrooms, community settings and public spaces can utilize this process.