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Vaughn Wascovich

Vaughn Wascovich is a fine art photographer and photographic educator. He has more than twenty years experience as a commercial photographer and broadcast producer, and has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies as well as many major advertising agencies. He received his MFA from Columbia College Chicago and has taught there as well as at the University of Missouri. He is currently teaching at Texas A&M University. Since 2004 Professor Wascovich has held the appointment of Visiting Scholar with the Harvard School of Public Health.

Professor Wascovich has participated in more than seventy exhibitions and has won multiple awards for his fine art photography. His research interests include man’s relationship to the environment, compromised landscapes, environmental issues and the politics of indigenous peoples. You can view more of his work at www.wascovich.com.

Artist's Statement

I have a varied and passionate interest in art and photography, but it is my curiosity for landscape and the affects and effects of man on the land that ties my work together. I am most interested in the ways humans interact and are affected by the land in which they live, the politics of land use (and abuse) and ultimately, how we define our ideas of home. What is revealed to us by the ordinary elements of a community, what is unselfconsciously discovered? We define ourselves by what intimate nature of place, by what odor in the air, what line of horizon, what quality of light?