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Casey Campbell

Casey Campbell is a Visual Nurse currently based in Georgetown, Ontario.  She received a BA in Philosophy and Photography from York University.  This symbiotic combination of disciplines has served her well, both in terms of her artistic sensibility and her ability to sense the more subtle levels of everyday concepts and objects.

Casey's recent work reveals her desire to delve more deeply into light [and life], and to in turn reflect all that shines back out into the world

Artist's Statement

After graduation my camera began a slow and sad transformation into an installation piece on my bedroom dresser. When I made the decision to pick it back up again I found a Sony digital in my hand instead of a Minolta X-7A.

My catalyst for this was a 'social' experiment I was conducting - joining Myspace. In doing so I took the 'About Me' section literally; creating series after series as well as slide shows of self portraits. Throughout the process I'm sure I learned more about me than anyone viewing the photos could. Creating a profile, and then keeping up with it, made me seriously examine the nature of persona and superficiality in the modern world, and how challenging it can become to live up to one's own image