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 Pat Goltz BFA


Brief bio: I have been creating art since I
was in elementary school. I have a bachelor's degree in art. Mostly, I
am self-taught. In my 20's, I was involved in starting a national civil
rights organization which is doing famously. I also raised and
homeschooled a family of 7 children. I live in southern Arizona. In
recent years, I have been traveling, mostly in Arizona, to take
photographs, and have been to many of the scenic areas of the southwest.
I also make macro and nature photographs.

I strive to be a Renaissance woman. To that end, I have worked on
increasing my knowledge in many different areas, including music,
languages, martial arts, science, and law. While it is not possible to
know everything, it is possible to strive for personal excellence. My
art also reflects my personality in the sense that I do not limit myself
to one medium. Rather, I seek to master those media in which I can best
express my artistic ideas.

Artistís statement:  My art reflects my
philosophy. To me, something is art if it is uplifting or beautiful, or
if it motivates someone to do a humanitarian act. I do not recognize the
ugly and disgusting as having artistic merit. My art ultimately reflects
my belief in God, Who is absolutely good, and Who provided us with a
beautiful universe and the capacity to be creative. I owe everything I
am and have to God: my body, mind, spirit, my diligence, my talent, and
my accomplishments. God has infinite intelligence, and partnering with
Him in artistic creativity is one of the most rewarding thing a human
being can do. I believe that by pursuing learning in many different
areas, my knowledge and creativity act synergistically, to the
betterment of each method of expression. I like to pursue unusual
techniques and my goal is to make something that pleases me, and
hopefully other people.