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Jonathan Levy BFA


Jonathan Levy was raised and educated in New York where he received a degree in Fine Arts from Pratt Institute in New York City. Not long after moving to Maui in search of inspiration, he discovered the source of what was to become his unique and truly inspired form of approaching the canvas.

Maui opened the artist to an entirely new outlook. As a result, his work became significantly marked by the patterns and movements that exist only within the setting of nature, from the mathematical and repetitive design of a flower, to the rhythm and flow of the ocean. Furthermore, as a classically trained stone carver, Levy’s painting style is deeply influenced by the marbleized patterns found within stone. “The elements found in nature such as water, fire, earth and wind are undeniably intriguing.  We are all innately, deeply attracted to these foundations.”

To Levy, the concept of creation does not end with a painting’s completion; it is cyclical and continues throughout the painting’s infinite life. The inspiration that is derived by the viewer is then taken and passed on in a new form resulting in an endless cycle. The process of creating his works is as important as the works themselves.  That is what motivates the artist and makes him love his craft.

 Through his work, Jonathan Levy is attempting to reignite an appreciation for all that forms through a natural process. In today’s fast-moving, high-tech culture, the splendor of nature, oftentimes, is overshadowed. Levy hopes to refocus the lens of our culture’s attention to spotlight that which grows, forms and prospers without the intervention of man.